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Top 3 Reasons to Choose a Sedation Dentist

Sedation dentistry

Top 3 Reasons to Choose a Sedation Dentist

To piggyback off of our last about sedation dentistry, we thought we’d explain the top 3 reasons to choose a sedation dentist

People suffering from fear or anxiety of the dentist usually prohibit them from visiting a dentist and seeking essential dental care. Luckily, sedation dentistry helps patients to a great extent such that patients are relaxed during the ongoing procedure. Nitrous oxide is the main form of sedative used by a sedation dentist. It is administered during the patients visit through oxygen such that the sedation levels may be adjusted as per the comfort of the patient.


Why Choose a Sedation Dentist – 3 Reasons


  1. One sitting for multiple procedures

If you suffer with dental anxiety or fear going to a dentist, it is difficult to undergo one procedure, let alone multiple procedures in one sitting. Fortunately, an experienced sedation dentist can perform the dental procedures without any trouble. With sedation dentistry you stay relaxed and do not complain about sitting for a long stretch for more than a procedure. This allows you to have your dental work completed in just one visit – this saves a lot of time and allows the sedation dentist to really help.


  1. Sit still

Sedation dentistry does wonders to people struggling to sit still. Sedation dentistry keeps you relaxed, which helps you sit still. Even a mental disorder or Parkinson’s disease affected patient sit calmly for a long time. Thus, a sedation dentist is able to work faster, while your appointment will be relaxing, allowing you to visit the dentist with less reluctance.


  1. Achieve a healthy smile

You may have ignored the dentist many times. But, now with the introduction of sedation dentistry, you can ensure a healthy smile. You will notice that the dentist appointments no longer cause anxiety or stress and you will not come up with lame excuses to avoid a dentist visit. With sedation dentistry, you are sure to overcome your fear and achieve a deserved healthy smile.

Thorough examinations are now possible with sedation dentistry because patients stay relaxed and calm. Even the dental anxiety is less as the sedation dentistry takes it away, leaving a calmer you. Thus, you can now have regular exams and cleaning, avoid developing oral issues and cavities. You can enjoy fewer issues with tooth in the long run. Schedule an appointment now!


To discuss the possibility of using sedation dentistry during your procedure, please talk to Dr. Eltzroth at Philadelphia Square Dental Care. Dr. Eltzroth is a sedation dentist that has years of experience helping his patients get past their fears and provide beautiful smiles with no pain at all.

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