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Tooth Extraction is the process of removing one or more teeth. Tooth extraction can be recommended for several reasons; however, the most common reason for removing a tooth is because the tooth is not able to be restored with any other procedures. The tooth extracting process is straightforward and can be done relatively quickly.

Historically, tooth extraction has been used for several purposes including chronic tooth infections which are associated with a multiple health issues. Extractions of diseased teeth are the most common.

Why Get Tooth Extraction?

Having a tooth extracted is a major decision that Dr. Eltzroth does not take lightly; however, it is sometimes needed.

One of the most common reasons for tooth extraction is your tooth is completely damaged, and beyond repair.

More reasons for tooth extraction may include:

  • Eltzroth might suggest removing teeth in order to prepare your mouth for Orthodontics.
  • When tooth decay extends toward the pulp which causes serious infection.
  • When infection is so severe that can't be cured.
  • When your immune system is compromised.
  • Periodontal or Gum Disease often cause serious damage which requires tooth extractions.
  • To remove aesthetically unpleasant-looking teeth.

Tooth Extraction Procedure

This procedure may be painful for some individual because of the size, shape, or structure of the teeth.

Dr. Eltzroth will follow this procedure while extracting teeth:

  • The first step of this procedure is numbing your teeth and gums.
  • After numbing your teeth, Dr. Eltzroth will expand and separate the tooth socket to extract the teeth.
  • Eltzroth will use dental elevators and extraction forceps to remove the tooth.
  • Once the tooth is extracted, Dr. Eltzroth will close the extraction site.
  • After completion of the extraction process, Dr. Eltzroth will the control bleeding, and minimize the swelling.

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