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Root Canal or endodontic treatment is used to eliminate infection plus protect the teeth pulp from Microbial attack.

Root Canal treatment may be required when you are suffering from inflammation or infection in the roots of your teeth. The ‘root canals’ and ‘pulp chambers’ are naturally occupied by nerve-tissue, blood-vessels, and cellular items, which can be inflamed or diseased when there are small cracks in your teeth.

Why Get Root Canal?

Dr. Choti may suggest a root canal to protect your teeth's nerve tissue from damage due to several bacterial actions. A root canal usually requires only one or two appointments with Dr. Choti.

There several crucial benefits of root canal treatment:

  • A virtually painless treatment procedure.
  • Efficient and cost-effective treatment to prevent bacteria from causing infection.
  • Enables you to maintain the structure of your natural teeth.
  • Root canal therapy will make your smile look as beautiful as ever.

Root Canal Procedure

The procedure of root canal treatment is not so complicated, but it really depends on the conditions of your teeth. You might need two appointments to complete root canal therapy.

  • Root Canal treatment initially carried out through several diagnostic tests and preparation.
  • Opening in the crown through the enamel plus dentin tissues of the teeth using a dental drill .
  • Removal of pulp tissue.
  • Filling the root canal using a standard material Gutta-Percha.


Root Canal Fun Facts

In 1838, the root canal treatment appliance was invented from a watch-spring, which was used to reach the pulp inside the root of the teeth. This appliance was manually managed by endodontists during the treatment. However, it was specifically used to open the route to the tooth canal to clean the root canal.

There are several filling materials used in root canal treatments including Gutta-Percha, which was first invented in 1847.

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