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Periodontics is dental speciality, which includes preventions, diagnosis, treatment of periodontal gum disease, and maintaining health surrounding tissues. Periodontics is also used to treat oral inflammation, gum grafting, periodontal plastic surgery, and placement of dental implants and it offers comprehensive treatments including scaling, root planing, and removing damaged tissue.

Who is Periodontics for?

Periodontics makes your gums healthier and reduces inflammation in gum pockets nearby the teeth that accumulate bacteria. In order to get periodontics, you need to follow a simple procedure which is called scaling and root planing. The periodontics treatments concentrate on restoring your gums to the healthier, state and it is the most effective and comfortable treatment that is considered as the branch of dental health care.

The reasons why you should get periodontics are:

  • Periodontics helps to prevent tooth decay by protecting your gums.
  • Having cavity or decay might cause serious issues, however, periodontics prevents bone loss by protecting from cavity and decay.
  • Removes the central lining of the gums which prevent damage or infractions.
  • Reduce each periodontal pocket and keeps the area clean.
  • Treat bacterial infections which reduce the chance of serious damage.

Periodontics Procedure

The treatment procedure of periodontics is a process which supports your teeth structure and connects the teeth roots with a jaw bone which keeps the teeth in right place.

This process starts by determining the specific nature plus intensity of the disease and then proceeds as below:

  • The full evaluation of the disease including x-ray evaluation, clinical exam, diagnosis, and treatment plan.
  • Scaling and Root Planing.
  • Reevaluation by checking oral hygiene, remeasure pocketing, and reassess treatment plan.
  • Case completion scaling and polishing.
  • Final evaluation through case discussion.


Periodontics Fun Facts

Periodontics is the clinical science that deals with the periodontium, which is called periodontology. During the early civilizations, the Sumerians and Babylonians were concerned regarding their oral hygiene and periodontal diseases including losing teeth, shaking teeth, and hemorrhage of gums were the most common diseases.

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