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Dental Crowns and Bridges - Chico, CA

Crowns and bridges are a type of fixed dental restoration process that is designed to replace the missing teeth by attaching artificial teeth.

Crowns, or dental-caps, are required when your teeth have a huge threat due to the cavity, and bridges are used when you need to replace one or more missing teeth.

Crowns and Bridges Overview

Both crowns and bridges are considered as a fixed dental restoration, unlike dentures which are removable. Crowns and bridges are bonded on the existing implants in such a way that can be removed only by a dentist.

Dental crowns were first introduced in the 19th century by the Etruscans civilization and they made crows using gold, bone, plus human teeth. Throughout the 19th century, the Etruscans invented advanced porcelain crowns and metal crowns in order to make the crowns very strong and long-lasting.

Why Get Crowns and Bridges?

There are several benefits of Crowns and Bridges:

  • Restore a large filling in teeth that are badly damaged, protect the teeth from fracturing;
  • Attach and cover dental implants, and cover a discoloured or misshapen tooth;
  • Save teeth from damage and make cosmetic changes;
  • Improve your bite strength by replacing missing teeth;
  • Boost confidence through maintaining healthy and strong teeth; and
  • Enhance your courage to speak.

Crowns and Bridges Procedure

Getting crowns or bridges is not a difficult procedure, however, Dr. Choti might set a couple of appointments in order to create and place dental crowns or bridges.

  • In the first appointment, Dr. Choti will prepare the shape of the teeth.
  • Then she'll get its impression and the place temporary crown or bridge.
  • The second appointment might be after two weeks when the final crown or bridge is ready to be placed.
  • During this second visit, crowns or bridges will be cemented and complete the procedure.

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