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Composite Fillings - Chico, CA

Composite Fillings are tooth-colored fillings designed to repair decayed, cracked, or fractured teeth. Resin-based composites have been used since the 1960s to restore decayed, cracked, or fractured teeth and it benefits the patient according to their cavity. These resin-based composites are very effective for filling small-scale cavities.

Why Get Composite Fillings?

When it comes to restoring your fractured or decayed teeth, you have a couple of choices to restore natural-looking teeth. Composite fillings can be used to change teeth color, restore chipped or decayed teeth, close teeth gaps, and make cosmetic improvements.

Several benefits of Composite fillings are:

  • Improve aesthetic look by matching teeth color and appearance;
  • Restore natural looking teeth without removing the teeth structure;
  • Bond directly to the teeth which makes your teeth greater strength and long lasting;
  • Composite Fillings components harden within a couple of seconds; and
  • Requires less drilling, which is painless and comfortable.

Composite Fillings Procedure

The procedure for composite fillings is really very simple and it can be done in just one appointment. Dr. Choti will check your teeth's condition and then remove necessary decay, after that, your teeth will be cleaned thoroughly to prepare for the filling.

Among several composite fillings procedure, the most used procedure is;

  • Preparing the teeth through drilling and trimming, shade selecting and cleaning;
  • Etching acid on the tooth's surface;
  • Applying liquid synthetic on the etched tooth surface;
  • Creating and applying composite fillings; and

Curing the composite restoration and finally shaping and polishing.

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