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Lumineers can be considered as a permanent solution for stained, cracked, and misaligned teeth. Lumineers are the simplest and easiest cosmetic solution that can be applied to strengthen, lengthen, shape, and whiten your teeth without the modification of tooth structure.

Lumineers are Porcelain Veneers that is designed as a thin contact lens and can be placed over stained, cracked, or misaligned teeth in order to bring out the beautiful, healthy, natural, and permanent white teeth. It provides the same functions as veneers but the existing teeth structure is not changed plus the coating is not damaged, which ensure a long-term solution.

This unique technology is designed to repair insignificant defects plus enhance the aesthetics of original dentition. Unlike traditional veneers, Lumineers is the permanent, pleasant, and painless cosmetic solution that can visually correct tooth imperfections.


Why get Lumineers?

Lumineers don’t need any in-depth preparation, normally you can get Lumineers within just two visits with Dr. Choti. The Lumineers provide ultra-thin and custom-designed porcelain that is really easy to place on your natural teeth.

The reasons why you get Lumineers are:

  • Lumineers close gaps between your teeth by placing ultra-thin and custom-designed porcelain.
  • Fix your stained, cracked, and misaligned teeth without the reduction of tooth structure.
  • No shots, no pain, and no drilling of tooth structure.
  • Lumineers placed in just two visits.
  • The painless cosmetic solution that is proven to last more than 20 years.


Lumineers Procedure

Generally, getting Lumineers requires only two visits to Dr. Choti. Lumineers offer the most advanced placement technology that is able to place Lumineers all at once which means you don't need to place Lumineers individually.

  • 1st visit – During your first visit, Dr. Choti will consult regarding your issues and determine if you're a candidate for Lumineers. If you're suitable for Lumineers, Dr. Choti will proceed with collecting molds.
  • 2nd visit – Once your Lumineers are ready, you need to come in for your second appointment. Dr. Choti will ensure your teeth are ready. Now the Lumineers are painlessly placed using a bonding agent.


Lumineers Fun Facts

The concept of Lumineers originated from the invention of veneers which were first invented by Charles Pincus in 1928. Veneers were originally invented to be used for a movie shoot with a view to improving the appearance of actors' teeth.

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