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Avoid Permanent Tooth Alteration with No-Prep Veneers

Porcelain veneers have become a popular way to transform a smile. They’re ideal for stained, chipped or slightly misaligned teeth. But although they don’t need as much tooth preparation as crowns or other bridgework, the traditional veneer still requires some permanent tooth alteration. Now, there’s an alternative: no-prep veneers. With this option we can avoid

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Friendly dental office - Chico dentist

Restore Your Gapped Smile

If you are missing some teeth, you can restore your gapped smile with dental implants. They are long lasting and are made to look and function like your natural teeth. You can bite and chew food normally and they can be brushed and flossed the same as your existing teeth so caring for them is simple. In Chico,

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Friendly dental office - Chico dentist

Even Celebrities Like Jennifer Lawrence Aren’t Immune From Bad Breath!

Exchanging passionate kisses with big-screen star Jennifer Lawrence might sound like a dream come true. But according to Liam Hemsworth, her Hunger Games co-star, it could also be a nightmare… because J.Law’s breath wasn’t always fresh. “Anytime I had to kiss Jennifer was pretty uncomfortable,” Hemsworth said on The Tonight Show. Lawrence said the problem resulted from her

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