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Test Your Knowledge: A Quiz on Dental Erosion

1. What is dental erosion? a. tooth decay; b. dissolving of tooth enamel by acids in food or drink; c. destruction of tooth material by wear; d. attacks on teeth by bacteria 2. Which of these drinks does not cause dental erosion? a. orange juice; b. cola drinks; c. water; d. energy drinks 3. Soda

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Friendly dental office - Chico dentist

Lamar Odom Rebounds From Dental Anxiety

Professional basketball player Lamar Odom is sometimes known as “the candyman” because of his notorious fondness for sweets. But when his sweet tooth finally caught up with him — in the form of a mouthful of decayed teeth — the six-foot-ten-inch, 230-pound hoops star admitted that he had been avoiding treatment… because he was afraid

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